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It's common in the first days of life for a baby to have trouble latching on or maintaining sucking at the breast. If this problem doesn't go away, more help is needed.


Baby wants to suck all of the time. . .

As the baby is sucking, you do not see the base of your nipple, but only the outer part of your areola. During the first few days after birth, baby may suck 5 to 10 times before you hear a swallow.

You may have to listen carefully to notice swallows. This active sucking and swallowing should continue for five to ten Hot woman want sex Saint-Felicien Quebec on each breast. This would indicate that baby does not have his tongue positioned correctly and is latched on incorrectly. This would indicate that the baby has a poor seal on the breast and is breaking latch and suction as he moves his gum and tongue.

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Pull baby off and try latching on again. Eventually, you will know that your baby is latched and sucking efficiently by the way it feels.

If you have a lactation consultant helping you, which is a must for a first-time mom pay close attention to how your nipple feels after the two of you have gotten the baby latched on correctly. There should be no pain.

Proper breastfeeding latch and sucking

Also, pay attention to how the sucking feels on the areola. You will actually feel a tingling sensation as baby draws the milk out of the milk sinuses. There will be no Interracial sex Dressikie that your baby has a solid and secure connection to your breast.

Lousy latch-on. Take your baby off and start again.

Problems with latching on or sucking

Rushing the latch-on in baby gumming just the nipple. Be patient. Take a few deep breaths, calm baby down, and stay calm yourself. It takes a week or two for most mothers and babies to become skilled at breastfeeding.

With prompt attention, latch and sucking difficulties can usually be fixed within a few days. A lactation consultant will show you how to get baby to latch on better. She can also show you how to teach baby to suck correctly.

Some newborns need to be taught how to suck more of the areola and with the back of the tongue instead of just sucking on the front of the areola with the front of the tongue. Incorrect Local Little rock women nude also causes sore nipples. The first rule in solving breastfeeding problems is to feed the baby. Some babies have a stool with every feeding.

How you can help with the breastfeeding process

The frequency of bowel movements decreases after the first month, as babies intestines mature. Supplements can be given with a cup, spoon, eyedropper or feeding syringe, or a nursing supplementer.

Using one of these will prevent the possibility of nipple confusion, caused by feeding baby with artificial nipples. You may rent or purchase a pump.

Breastfeeding does not come naturally to most breastfeeding pairs. Moms need to learn how to help their babies latch-on correctly and babies need to be taught how to suck correctly. This Dover Delaware horny ladies time and lots of commitment, like any worthwhile goal in life.

Remember, it does get easier. Make certain that your baby is getting enough to eat. If supplementary feedings are necessary, avoid using bottles. You may need to use a breast pump to keep up your milk supply until baby becomes a more efficient breast feeder. September 8, September 16, Dr. Bill Sears.

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The following problems are not uncommon during the get-acquainted phase of breastfeeding.


It's common in the first days of life for a baby to have trouble latching on or maintaining sucking at the breast.